MDLC Advisory Council

The strength and growth of any DeMolay Chapter can usually be traced directly to the strength and interest of the Chapterâs Advisory Council and often times specifically to the Chapter Advisor. Without adequate adult leadership, a Chapter will too often dwindle to a âdo nothingâ Chapter and finally to non-existence.
All members of the Advisory Council must be certified. The must complete an Adult Worker Application, submit to a background check and attend DAD I Training. They must be approved for service by the Advisory Council they wish to join, the head of the sponsoring body and the Executive Officer of the Jurisdiction. Each year an Advisor must be re-certified to continue to serve.
The Advisory Council should meet at least once a month to carry out their duties

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(None)Thomas UrbanekChairman
(None)Suzanne DunnChapter Advisor
(None)Larry DilucchioTreasurer
(None)Rachel FoutzMembership Advisor
 [*]  [*]  [*]  [*]  [*] Kyle RainsRitual Advisor
(None)Brenda LesterAthletics Advisor
(None)Laura Smith-Duncan's MomFood Management Advisor
(None)Isaac BrayAdvisor
(None)Koleen BrayParents
(None)Suzanne E. PassowParents
(None)Timothy A DahlmanParents
 [*] Derek RainsSenior Demolay